Why did you paint me firebending?


Training gone horribly wrong II sifusparky

Suki walked around aimlessly. She had no idea where she was, or who these people who were staring at her were. They all smiled at her as if they knew her.

'Stop smiling!' She wanted to yell, but she didn't. She had no reason too. She didn't know them, and she didn't know herself. All she remembers is this pain in her head, and that she is a girl. She doesn't remember anything else.

"Excuse me, Miss." A man says, walking up to her, "The Fire Lord is expecting you." Her eyes widened, The Fire Lord? Who is a Fire Lord? Why are they a lord of fire? What is up with this place? How does she know royalty?

"I think you’re mistaken." She tried to tell the man who led her to this ‘Fire Lord’